Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Kings 6 Powerful!

We certainly have more power than we actually realize. Seeing the spiritual has been given to us, but we often don't know that we have power. We can be so easily blinded by our faith in ourselves that we cannot and do not see what God has unleashed on our behalf. Before Jesus left to be with His Father 40 days after tarrying with His disciples after his resurrection, He told them that greater things they would do with the Holy Spirit than He had done. He told them this is why He had to leave so that He could send the Comforter. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead! It is hard to imagine that there are greater things than that, but yet Jesus promised it. Holding people captive is often easier than we think. If we control their minds, we can control them. Satan knows this fact and uses it daily! He does not want us to study the WORD or pray or commune with God. Our eye might really be opened to who he is and he does not want that! I remember reading a story about a jailer who put a man in jail and told him every day that the jail door to his cell was locked. The man never tried to escape even though he had ample opportunity because he said that his jail door was locked. In actuality, his jail cell was never locked. He was just told every day that it was! The lock had been broken for years! One of the hardest doors to unlock is a door that is already unlocked. He who has ears to hear and eyes to see, let him hear and see what the Lord is saying and showing His people! Deception is the skill of Satan and he tells us daily that we should be afraid, but Jesus told us that we were powerful for greater is He that is in us then Hhe that is in the world! Don't let others dictate to you what you should accept in your life. Don't let others lull you into a sense of fear and apprehension because they do not believe. You do not need to listen to the nee-sayers! You are powerful beyond measure when you tap into the spiritual reality that Christ Jesus has prepared for us. Take control of your life by starting a habit of daily prayer and study so that the Holy Spirit can reveal to you God's Will for your life. Then live as though you have already received because you have! Call things that are NOT as though they ALREADY ARE and watch as God navigates your life! I have wasted so much of this life striving and vying for success when all I should have been doing is striving and vying for the Lord. He is our Rock and our Fortress, in Him should we place our trust! My prayer is that we realized just how much we have and how powerful we really are! Praise Him with me today! Amen!