Love in the Word Church

Focus: Armor of God - Truth

The immovable God we serve stands for those eternal Truths that do not change. Among them are justice, freedom, love, faithfulness, honor, and a host of behavioral concepts such as sexual purity, humility, and righteousness, just to name a few. During a discussion last week, a colleague said this about Truth. Our opinions and sensibilities may change, but Truth remains constant. It does not care about our opinion! So true this is! Satan tries to blur those lines or demarcation between Truth and folly so that our lives become cluttered with sin. He creates rationalization that become tortuous so even the worst lie appears reasonable. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to dwell with us so that we can properly discern these rationalizations for what they are - lies! The closer we get to Jesus, the easier it is to hear the Spirit speaking and the easier it is to subdue Satan. Don't fall for Satan's plans to keep you away from study and communing with God! Satan does not need to own us to control us. He just needs to plant a false premise so that our mind does the rest. Satan presents guilt as conviction (a lie for Truth) si that he can show us how futile it is to follow Truth. He wants us to give up so that he can convince us that the jail cell door is "locked" even after Christ broke it almost 2000 years ago. It is impossible to unlock a door that is already unlocked, but we believe the lie because we have not tested Satan' premise! Let us test all things by the Spirit. Yes, all things! Don't even accept my assertions as true until you have tested them yourself. It is by the witness of 2 or 3 is all Truth established. The Bible is one, I maybe 2; but you are the 3rd and certain proof that these things are true. God isn't fearful of our tests because Truth will always stand the test if time! It is eternal! Beware of those striving to get you to believe them without inviting you to tests things out for yourselves! Only Satan wants you to trust blindly because his "truths" are always revealed as lies to God's faithful! Praise God!