Love in the Word Church

Focus: Faith the Shield of our Armor

A great summary of any discussion about the Armor of God mist include with a message of purpose and power. We see this method of living as a triangular image. Our faith rests on one side - knowing Who God is. That side supports the other 2 sides. One side is the knowing of who we are in Christ and the 3rd side is knowing what we need to do to keep our faith ever alive and present. This trilogy creates the very substance to our faith so that it is more than just some vapid notion of hope and expectation. Our faith feeds off this trilogy like we as humans breathe to sustain life. Its strength is dependent only on our diligence to seek God. Our faith which starts a a small seed becomes so strong from within that it begins to radiate from our core to provide a shield of pure energy of protection. This is not like the shield in our hand that protects us from some destruction that we can see coming, but a force field that rebuffs destructive forces from ALL directions. While all of our other armor is directional in its protection and purpose, our faith is omnidirectional and ever present! It is not like some dome that is ever present protecting us 270 degrees in any direction, it is a sphere of protection, 360 degrees in every direction at once. This is why Paul spends so much of his attention discussing faith. The greatest advantage or hindrance regarding our faith is that it is 100% within our own control. If we feed it, it's ever present. If we ignore it, it disappears and become elusive! So, feed your faith! It is the one Thing that will control the quality of our lives! It's critical! Praise Him!