Love in the Word Church

Focus: Gal 5:1 - 12

Once Jesus has set us free, it is essential that we stay free while we wait and look forward to the promises that Christ has promised to all those who believe. No action proceeds from our hands without first being introduced and cultivated with our minds. So "stinkin' thinkin'" is a real concern. If we control the minds of others, we can manipulates their actions. I said this earlier this week and it's worth repeating - to control action is to control the mind for better and for worst. Joyce Meyers has a book entitled, "Battlefield of the mind". This is the premise upon which her teaching is based. In Galatia, it was about returning to or becoming slaves to the Law of Moses and trying to please God through circumcision. To the Jews who had been spread in the Diaspora or dispersion of 722 and 587 BC, wanting to follow this new faith with old ideas was a real hindrance. Paul fought vehemently to keep the converts eyes stayed on Jesus but there were those who wanted to tie righteousness by faith (the Gospel message) to righteousness by self ( the Law of Moses). The Law brought death but it was familiar! When God comes, beware of the familiar. In many cases "familiar" spirits comes to mean "fam - i(s) -liar". The natural flesh is an enemy to God so what seems familiar could possibly be old concepts beckoning you back to bondage. If we wish to remain free, it is important to commune with God daily and to develop His WORD in your heart while you are writing His WORD upon it. So this passage in Galatians is warning us about staying free - free from those old habits and familiar spirits! Praise Him!