Love in the Word Church

Focus: Isaiah 34

Isaiah is called a major prophet due not only to the amount of his work, but also because of the importance and scope of his work. Isaiah not only spoke about his current day but he prophesied about both the first and second advent or coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only did he describe the reason for destruction of the Jews, he described a restoration of the nation of Israel by recalling the Diaspora lost to the Assyrians as well as reclaiming the Jews who had rejected Jesus during His first advent. So it was easy to see Isaiah's true calling as a true prophet of God. The WORD declares that we will recognize a true prophet by whether his predictions became actuality. Today many are called prophet, for God calls them to warn those who do evil and to lift those who are seeking God. Whether or not they are true prophetic voices will be determined by their voices. Seek the Lord and heed the words of His counsel. Live in peace with all humanity so that many may see God in us and be drawn to God's saving grace. Amen.