Love in the Word Church

Focus: Gal 6

In the closing words of Galatians, Paul gives us all great advice. We are to look to our own deeds and not compare ourselves with others because we are only responsible for our actions. He says that we also should bear each others burdens and help each other. He says we should financially support those who are teaching us. He says that we should give generously to all especially to our brothers and sisters of our faith. This means that we should live in active community with each other. Paul states that we should never be weary of doing well because IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP OR FAINT, we WILL reap God's reward. Paul says ignore the naysayers. He will no longer address the circumcision issue hiding only a prideful and sinful motive. Paul says if we are going to boast. Boast in Jesus and Him crucified. Do you bear the signs of your belief like Paul? The beatings and inhumane treatment for testifying about the True nature of Jesus. I do. I don't have physical scars but the emotional scars are evident of my treatment by fellow Christian's who we served. Knowing what I now know because of it, I would do it ALL again! It is amazing how God transforms you through pruning and praising to prepare you for His purpose. We are truly living God's purpose now and although from the natural, it can be scary, from the spiritual, we are poised and prepared to receive all that God ordained. We clearly now feel our purpose and reward on our doorstep. To those who hurt our heart. I thank you for the lesson because it prepared us both for a much larger stage. We are using EVERY gift and skill that God has given us. Thank you Lord for directing our paths and giving us courage and faith to walk in Your path regardless of the opinions of others. We are accountable to You and we will show your Gospel through our teaching and action! Praise Him!