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Focus: Ephesians 1 Unpardonable Sin Revealed

Ephesians is a book that sets order in God's House. We learn so much in chapter 1 about the existence of God's plan even before the foundation of this earth. The explanation of the 3 parts of the Trinity is direct and clarifying. I especially like that Paul says that the Holy Spirit is God's guarantee to us that we will receive all the God has promised us. When I was reading, this passage leaped from the page. The Lord revealed why His Logos WORD in this Graphe WORD has been given. Since the Father knew that Satan for a season would wreak havoc with the hearts of men on earth, God tasked His Son to come and redeem us; however once redeemed we would be subject to sin against the Light and still lose our battle. Justification removes the penalty of sin but it does not erase free agency. "We* can choose to turn away from God even after we have been redeemed. So we receive the Holy Spirit to dwell in us as the Discerner, the Enlightener, the Intercessor, the Conduit to Christ so that by possessing the HS, we are guaranteed to receive ALL that was promised. This defines and sets up the unpardonable sin and why it is so. In Matt 12:31, Jesus says that even blasphemy against Himself would be forgiven but that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven in this world or the world to come. Why? The Son's task was to set the stage and resulted in the payment of the ransom for sin. So even in this mortal, corruptible body after we have accepted Jesus as Lord, Satan may vex us so that we sin against the WORD of God. This sin has no power because the Holy Spirit's task is to remain within us to plead our case to the Son. The Son's work is done, but the HS's work remains until we are fully sanctified and ultimately glorified! As long as we do not dismiss the indwelling of the Spirit, sin has no power over us. This is what justification through redemption means.The Holy Spirit's job is to intercede for us even when we don't know what to pray for. He IS that Comforter. So, IF we choose to do evil intentionally for evil's sake even after we receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit cannot dwell in an unholy place. By free agency we chose Christ but by free agency we can then turn and choose evil! We therefore "intentionally" blaspheme against Him by intentionally choosing against the advice that He, the Holy Spirit, is giving, The Spirit of God leaves and we have lost our guarantee not due to what God has done, but due to our free agency! How do we understand this? By doing this, we commit the same sin as Lucifer, who becomes the first or the father of Perdition - we sinned against God purposely after having known the Light of Truth! Once this has happened, if we do not repent and reaffirm the Lordship of Jesus, we become Perdition so by definition we cannot be forgiven even in the world to come. This is why blasphemy against the Son (work of the cross),the effectual power is forgivable, but against the Holy Spirit, the sustaining power, is not! Ephesians is, in my opinion, the key to the controversy of once saved (justified), always saved! Praise Him!