Love in the Word Church

Focus: Ephesians 2
The Cross' Reconciliation Power

Ephesians 2- The Cross typifies the reconciling power of the Love of God. It was the Cross that took the separated Gentiles and reconciled them into one people who had hope and a future. This same Cross combined His Chosen people with those previously without God and without hope. The Cross destroyed divisions to create one people based on their choice and not their heritage. The separations of culture, language, geography, and any other metric of characterization was overshadowed by the Cross. The entire world was leveled into one equal field by the power of free agency, by Choice. All of this transformational energy came from God by His Love, through His Son, sentenced by the King of the unseen realm. The Cross displayed the judgement of this world by its ominous king only to be subdued by the love and authority of heaven. Jesus died to unify the world, all peoples, through the Cross based solely on individual Choice! Paul states that this is the gift to those who chose Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY condition! So when we as believers seek to exclude others from the unifying work of Christ based on our judgement of what others believes as different from ourselves, we are literally doing the work of the King of the unseen world, not the One True God. When we seek to use doctrine to classify who belongs and who does not belong, we redefine the rules that unify us in order to separate ourselves. This is the main goal and purpose of Satan. Satan does not nullify our witness by refuting it, he creates confusion and dilutes our witness by showing it to be the same as his world. He separates to conquer, while the Lord unifies to Save!
We will never convince the world of God's goodness and the reconciling nature of His Gospel when we act like the world rather than like Christ. As Christians let us just tell others what we believe (plant). Let us assist those who are working for intimacy with Christ (water), but let us leave the increase and changing to God! Let us show our resolves by loving ALL humanity, not just those who agree with our choice! Praise Him!