Love in the Word Church

Focus: Ephesians 3

Although Paul was a Jew, his ministry was to redeem the Gentiles and unite them under one banner of the Church - The Church of Jesus Christ. Paul having been trained and taught as a Pharisee, was exceptionally legalistic to the Law which was strict about the separation of the Jews (Israel) from the Gentiles. Paul was such a zealot for Judaism that he was the chief accuser of the new Jewish converts to 'The Way". Can you imagine having such a past and then Jesus Himself calls you to a new covenant and sends you to save the very people from which your whole life taught you to separate? God is awesome! He is funny at times and at other times down right ironic! Only God can take what appears as darkness to the world and create light with it! This is why we should never write off anyone else - no matter how badly we think of him/her. The real Truth is that God does not make junk. Even though we may choose to see less in ourselves and feel that we are not worth much, God sees who He has created us to be! God is not limited by our short-sighted (myopic) vision. Trying to think for an infinite mind when we re quite finite at best has to be a good definition of insanity! Paul said that he was the least of those that God could have chosen, but he was the one that got the call.Paul clarifies the mysteries of God and is the author with the largest body of work in the Bible that we use today! Not bad for a murderer.Paul claims the limitless power of Christ through the Holy Spirit that dwells within us! Paul says that God's Love surpasses knowledge and that we should be filled with the measure of all of the fullness of God! What a declaration and prayer found in this chapter. That we might look to God and in a mirror when we want to write others off as worthless!
Praise Him!