Love in the Word Church

Focus: phesians 5

"Be imitators of God". This is Eph 5:1a. I really believe that Ephesians is the book that teaches us how to be Kingdom-minded! The flesh is an enemy to the Spirit and God knew that it would be hard for us in our humanity to live the Kingdom life! Paul is practical and clear about how we should act to be Kingdom-minded. In general, we should imitate Christ. The WORD says imitators of God, but Jesus said, "if you have seen me, you have seen the Father" AND our God IS a Triune God- 3 in 1 God! First we are to to live a life of Love! Is there now any doubt that LOVE is the very foundation of the Logos of God? If we Love then we give our lives up for others as a sacrifice to God. We must be a holy people so nothing impure, especially sexually impure, can be around God. Paul includes greed with impurity and this should be a shining beacon for those of us who are diligently seeking Him. As Kingdom people, we are to avoid and separate from those of darkness and therefore, we should be careful with how we live. To be Kingdom-minded is to be wise, making the most out of every opportunity. We must submit to one another. Paul orders the family to should order BUT equality. As men we like to quote that wives submit to husbands, but have you noticed the number of verses that Paul adds about the conduct of the husband? To whom much is given, much is required. Jesus gave His very life and received authority over EVERYTHING except the Father! So let me be clear. If as men we are not treating our wives like Christ treats the Church, we have NO right demanding our wives submit to unrighteousness. This is not Kingdom-mindedness! So Paul starts order in Christ's Church by ordering the nuclear unit of the Gospel - Families! Let us Praise God by following the Logos of God found in his Hagios Graphe - The Written WORD of God. Amen.