Love in the Word Church

Focus: Phi 1:1-26

Paul is an example of courage, dedication, and faith. Even while in chains, he sets this example of how we feel and act even in the midst of unrighteous persecution! Paul is not fearful of losing his life because of his belief in Christ. Paul's transformation was dramatic. He had heard Jesus from heaven and was blinded to the world so that he could focus on heaven. My hope and prayer is that we too can be a profile in courage and faith. I believe a key to this behavior is to sell out TOTALLY to Christ Jesus. To live for Christ is joy and the die for Him is gain. So many of us cling to life because our fear of death robs us of our focus. Maybe we don't really believe that He is there. I ask myself why I get frustrated with some people and I hear that my expectation for them is misplaced. Rather than being appreciated we should be seeking to please Jesus. The former is selfish and the latter is praise. Rather than looking for ways that life can bring enjoyment, let us focus on serving that will bring us joy! Happiness depends on external situations but joy comes solely from an internal condition created by faith. This is the meaning of the phrase " joy, the world didn't give it and the world can't take it away"! Praise Him!