Love in the Word Church

Focus: Phil 1:27 - 2:18

Phillippi was a vibrant roman colony in Greece and because of that many languages and people from foreign descent were there. Paul opens this letter talking about his situation, about the importance of living a life worthy of the Gospel and about following in the servant attitude of Christ. Love and unity are concepts that need to be repeated often because of this human condition that so affects the quality of our lives. It is a privilege to suffer even still because of the causes of Jesus Christ and Paul was certainly an example. As normal humans, suffering is avoided and certainly unwelcome. However, one thing that life amplifies is that suffering, trials , and tribulations has always been and will always be part of our experience on this earth at least up until the Second Advent of Jesus the Christ! Living in the US with all of our freedoms, it is so easy to take for granted how we can worship and praise our God with freedom of speech. Freedom of thought and Humility are qualities that were first demonstrated by Jesus in the Garden of Eden and certainly augmented by Paul in his day. Our hope and prayer today is that in the midst of a trying and often cruel world that we can see the demands of the Gospel before we see our own needs. To be kingdom-minded means to see the collective good at least while we see our own carnal needs. In fact, I am going to venture out on a limb and say that to be Kingdom-minded is the see the Kingdom's needs BEFORE we see our own. Why? Since we are also part of the Kingdom, to satisfy the needs of the Kingdom, satisfies my needs as well! I AM a part of the Kingdom. That we might heed the call to unity of heart and purpose is my fervent prayer and focus of purpose as I model this life full of hope, joy, love, peace, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, patience, and self-control! Praise Him!